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Financial Service


Crunchbase, Figma, Google Analytics, Java, Node.js, Slack


At United Start2ScaleUp, we turn your small ideas into big successes. Have a great idea? We’ll help you turn it into something tangible. We give you the tools and support you need to create a product people can use.

Key Features

Helping with Your Idea:

We will discuss your idea and help make it even better. We look at what people want and need to make sure your idea is something they will like.

Making a First Version:

We build a simple version of your idea called a prototype. It lets us see how your idea will work and what we need to change.

Looking at the Market:

We check who will want to use your product and who you’re competing with. This helps us make sure your product fits in the market.

Creating a Test Product (MVP):

We make a test product called a minimum viable product (MVP). It has the main parts of your idea, so people can start using it. We learn from how they use it to make it even better.

Guidance from Experts:

We have people who know a lot about starting a business. They give you advice and help you avoid common problems.

Finding Money for Your Idea:

We help you find people who want to invest money in your idea. This enables you to have the funds you need to grow.

Helping You Tell People About Your Product:

We work with you to make your product look good and tell people about it. We want as many people as possible to know and like what you’re offering.

Support All the Way:

We stay with you even after your product is made. We help you grow bigger and reach more people.

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